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Building an open source community? Hiring interns or junior engineers? Promoting a developer platform? We can help!

What is Major League Hacking (MLH)?

Major League Hacking (MLH) is a mission-driven organization empowering the next generation of technologists. MLH runs the largest community of early-career developers worldwide with more than 500,000 members. Through hackathons, fellowships, and workshops, community members count on MLH to gain practical hands-on experience, build their professional networks, and ultimately launch their careers. MLH works with developer relations, open source engineering, and talent teams to identify, train, and hire amazing and diverse technical talent.

MLH has been a community-first, mission-driven organization from the beginning. We measure our success by the number of hackers we empower, and we want to keep it that way. That's why we made it official and became a Certified B Corporation in 2016. B Corps are for-profit enterprises that are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their community, not just their shareholders.

Each year MLH supports


Community Members


Open Source Fellows





Why do companies partner with Major League Hacking?

We enable our customers to achieve their goals in three major focus areas - Developer Marketing, Talent Acquisition, and Open Source Community Building. We'll work with you to activate MLH's community in an authentic way to make an impact on your team's goals.


Top tech companies go to hackathons, not career fairs. Hackathons and MLH's other community programs are the best places to meet the most talented up-and-coming technologists in the world.

  • University Recruiting
  • Employment Branding
  • Internships/New Grad FT

Developer Relations

Students come to hackathons to hone their skills and learn about new technologies and products they'll use in their careers for years to come.

  • Experiential
  • Future Customers
  • Brand Promoters
  • Influencer Marketing

Open Source Community

Our MLH Fellows are the open source contributors and maintainers of the future. Support them to sustain the open source ecosystem.

  • Open Source Contributions
  • Skills Training
  • Community Building

How can you partner with Major League Hacking?

MLH offers authentic partnerships with our developer community programs. We are experts at creating sponsorship opportunities that position companies alongside early career technologists in meaningful, repeatable, and long-lasting ways.

Hackathon League

Through a sponsorship of MLH’s hackathon league, you can reach developers in a hands-off, scalable program so that they can try your platform, learn about your brand, and become your future super-users and potential hires.

MLH Fellowship

Our 12-week Fellowship program trains early career developers in key skills like open source engineering, Web3 development, and even Site Reliability Engineering. Sponsor your future talent and community members.

Global Hack Week

Global Hack Week is a recurring week-long virtual hacker festival, bringing together thousands of developers from around the world to try new platforms, learn from interactive workshops, and build their tech communities.

What impact can MLH have?


Achieve scale for your developer marketing and talent promotions without your team needing to attend tons of events.


Measure success through surveying, reporting, and cross-platform comparison analytics provided throughout the season.

Engineering Impact

Drive real, lasting engineering impact through working with Open Source Fellows.


Learn from real-time, direct developer observations to help inform product and platform decisions.

Brand Promotion

Build your brand as a desirable tech employer by integrating yourself into our vibrant community.

Tailored Approach

Impact the priorities you care about through a consultative, collaborative MLH sponsor package.

What do Sponsors say about MLH?

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